Is Alcoholism Genetic? Indiana Center for Recovery

In some other countries, or cultures, alcohol is simply a beverage people will have at a meal with their family. In essence, there’s more of an objective, responsible approach to consuming alcohol in some countries/cultures. Those with childhood trauma may also be vulnerable to alcohol use disorder, the NIH says. At Gateway, our rehabilitation center offers individualized care and counseling to get you on the road to recovery. We can help you tackle any social or environmental triggers contributing to your alcohol abuse.

is alcoholism hereditary

However, children that grow up in the home of an alcoholic are substantially more likely to begin drinking heavily from a younger age. Such children are also likely to develop the same mental disorders as their parents. But research has proven that there’s a link between your genes and your potential for alcohol abuse. A study from 2008 by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) examined research on AUD and a possible genetic association. The study found that genetic factors accounted for 40-60% of the variance among those who suffer from an AUD.


Boca Recovery Center is here to provide the best quality care in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. ” is yes, it does not guarantee that you will develop a problem. Trans-ancestral GWAS of alcohol dependence reveals common genetic underpinnings with psychiatric disorders.

is alcoholism hereditary

Around 100,000 people die every year because of alcoholism, including deaths due to cirrhosis and other organ damage. Chronic heavy drinking also increases the risk of kidney disease, diabetes, and several cancers. Genetics are 50 percent of the underlying reason for alcohol use disorder.

Is There an Alcoholic Gene?

To truly understand the influence of genetics and heredity, we must understand the difference between the two. The longer they can hold off drinking, the less chance they have of developing sober house alcohol use disorder. Your genetic makeup could affect your intelligence and proactivity, allowing you to understand the risks of alcohol, so you’re less likely to drink.

is alcoholism hereditary

We don’t learn to change our behaviors if our behaviors are tolerated. Growing up around alcohol alone will not cause an individual to develop an alcohol use disorder, and it can increase the chance of engaging in alcohol use that could sow the seeds of progressive alcoholism. Our hereditary behaviors interact with our environment to form the basis of our decisions. Some people are more sensitive to stress, making it harder to cope with an unhealthy relationship or a fast-paced job. Some people experience a traumatizing event and turn to alcohol to self-medicate. You don’t have to stress out as there is a solution to every problem, and if your drinking problem has worsened, there can be a diagnosis, and you will get back to life with the proper treatment.

Is Alcoholism Genetic? What Are the Chances You Will Inherit It?

The best way to stay clear of developing alcohol use disorder is to understand the risks and learn how to avoid them. It’s important to remember that predisposition does not necessarily cause alcoholism to develop but rather contributes to the disease. Therefore, regardless of your predisposition, it’s possible to avoid alcoholism. Peer pressure and drug accessibility are other environmental factors that can influence your decisions. Social and cultural forces, poverty, and a history of physical or sexual abuse also affect you.

Concerns about alcohol consumption should be addressed by a medical professional. Feeling out of control in regard to drinking and feeling as though one drinks too much are indicators that there is a problem. Medically supervised detox programs and evidence-based rehabilitation programs are available that specialize in treating AUD.

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